Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I just think sometime I'm going to have a mental breakdown. Or a heart attack or something. The stress at Zach's job...it is really getting to me. I cannot share details, probably, though I'd like to spill all. I was 'fine' today until more work stuff. Pretty much, why should Zach (and the commander who has a wife and kids of his own) have to care for another woman??? I don't care the predicament you're in, it actually makes me livid (single and pregnant). It's not right. We need to be dealing with our 'issues' right now not hers...really it is making me lose my mind (and tongue).


Kim said...

UGGGHHH!!!! I hear you about the work issues. Jess' job can be a real pain in the butt. I found out too that some of those women in the military are real needy all the time, and it gets annoying. I hate when a women from work calls Jess w/ her problems even if hes her superviser, IT just annoys me. Im not jealous but I'm like can you find someone else to deal w/ your issues

Amie said...

That would be frustrating.