Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Gestures

So, Zach's brother and wife (who live in England) sent us a card! How sweet! Totally unexpected and such a blessing!

I forgot to mention that Saturday evening Zach's 'first shirt' type person who's stationed in Colorado called to see how we are doing! That was so super nice to check on us! Especially considering Zach decided to not go to field training...they could've been totally ticked off at him!

People just amaze me. It's these little things that keep occurring that are keeping me above the waters. I also got my necklace today! I love it and I'm so glad to wear it. Now I need to deal with Sears about my mother's ring...that should be fun. I don't think I shared that story...for another time I guess!


paige said...

sears are dum dums... :)
i'm reading & keeping up with you on your journey, jamie. i'm glad you took a couple pictures of your little guy. When i lost Caleb (16 weeks) even though it felt like everyone in the room was shuddering, i asked my momma to take pictures. One is super blurry - & the other isn't great either... but i treasure those pictures of my little one. i wish i would have been better prepared - asked for footprints, handprints... He was so gorgeously perfectly formed, but i felt like i wasn't supposed to grieve 'cause he hadn't reached 20 weeks yet... y'know? Anyway - you are on my mind & my heart. May the Comforter meet with you in your dark days...

I am OK said...

Okay, I am all caught up.

It was so wonderful to hear your voice this afternoon. So nice to talk about the mundane and still understand each other.

It is seems almost surreal what you all had to go through and I am still praying for you guys - always.

Lots of Love Jamie