Sunday, June 20, 2010


It is so hard to celebrate little things when you're dealing with grief. It is Father's Day. I'm very thankful to my own father, who adopted me many, many years ago, although I'd always been 'his'. I'm thankful for the father of my children- he loves them so much, is leading us in the Lord and is such a playful and fun daddy!

But it's hard to celebrate these days when you think of the others that should be here. To think of the ruckus it could be with 2 other children running around and another in my womb! To think of the delight as our table was filled full of children making Father's Day cards of their own accord this morning, not just of two little boys writing 'Happy Dad's Day' and a little girl eating her oatmeal. Shouldn't it be full with a 3 and 2 year old, happily scribbling out cards for daddy? And what about our oldest daughter, off to Michigan, getting to celebrate the day with her Papa? What about the other little baby, the one who should be kicking and squirming in my womb, little Nathaniel? Shouldn't he be here, giving his daddy kicks as we lie in bed tonight?

Someday. Someday. That is the hope I have. Someday we will all be together and what a glorious day that will be! Not only will we be reunited with our children, but with our Savior, Jesus! On that day I will be able to sing the sweet praises I wasn't able to sing this morning. I tried but with every word more tears threatened to spill over, so I silently stood listening to the congregation. One day again, one day soon, I will again sing those songs to my Savior. Now I just listen to the words, bask in them, knowing He loves me.

Happy Father's Day to you Daddies! Remember to raise your children in God's ways!

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