Saturday, June 19, 2010

Things we shouldn't have to plan...

Now that my mom is back in Michigan and took Nathaniel's body we need to think about burial stuff. We thought the M's had a plot at the cemetery in Michigan where we'd like both of our boys (eventually) to be buried, but I guess they really don't. So, Zach called the funeral home up in Michigan and we tried to figure out some things, things we really *shouldn't* even have to think about.

First, we decided we're finally going to move Malachi up to Michigan. We keep talking about it but haven't done anything about it, mostly because of the financial aspect. At this point we're thinking we can have both boys buried in the same spot, and rather than paying for them to dig twice, we may as well just do it all now. That way they'll 'be together' (although we know they're really in heaven). And we can have all this part of it all eventually behind us, and we'll be able to visit both boys' graves when we go home.

So, we'll probably end up getting three cemetery plots up there, one for the babies and one for Zach and I. I figure (hopefully) we won't need any for the kids! By the time they grow up and have their own families who knows where they'd wanna be! This kind of thing must have been easier in the olden days, when families all lived near one another and buried their loved ones on the land. They were all near each other and they probably didn't have to "plan" how many plots to get. It's not like we all sit down and plan this sort of thing out, ya know?

On a bit of a brighter note we went to the park today and had a picnic. The kiddos had a blast. It was really neat because a bluebird flew up real near us. I didn't see it right away but Zach pointed it out. Immediately I thought of Nathaniel. It was little things like that that made me think of Malachi also. Almost like God sends His creatures as a reminder of our loved ones with Him, if that makes sense. I remember last week when we'd taken a walk along the trial to the park there was a butterfly. I have never seen a butterfly the colors of it before- it was black with this cool green color- so beautiful! Immediately then too I thought of Nathaniel. I love the little 'reminders'. Not reminders of him, I could never forget him, but just reminders of God's goodness.

I'm slowly coming around to all that God & goodness stuff!

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

Jamie, I didn't realize you had lost your baby...I am so sorry to hear that! And praying for you!!