Tuesday, June 01, 2010


We have a plumber here. Wonder how much that will cost. Zach tried to fix a leak in our pipe and now the guys gonna have to cut that whole part of the pipe off because he can't get the stuff off that Zach put on it. Oh boy, I just wonder how much money we'll be throwing away today. I'm so mad that our pipe has a leak in it! Give me a break!

Speaking of breaks, it's pretty much summer break. Gabriel is now a 1st grader! He graduated from kindergarten today! I'm so proud of him! With all of my kids, we'll continue to do math review and reading throughout the summer, just to reinforce those and work on any issues they may have had throughout the year. I decided Josiah is done with his English so he's only got his math book left. Hannah has a poem left to write and then we're 'officially' done. I imagine that 'official' will be this week! It feels so good to be almost done. I can focus on getting things cleaned around the house that I don't normally clean. My shower is nasty. Plus I can really focus on the garage sale stuff the next few days. And then I can just relax, well to an extent. It will just be nice not to have lessons every day!

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Kim said...

That has got to be a pain in the butt. Plumbers arent cheap either, I can imagine.Great that you are finishing up school. Now you can concentrate on doing other things