Friday, June 18, 2010

Mommies with Hope

I came home with such a heavy heart. To hear the story of each woman, to understand the grief they've gone through. Wow. And to know that they made it through! To see the faith they have! God is amazing.

A gal, A, picked me up. We go to the same church, are now facebook friends, but hadn't met until she picked me up. She hit a few garage sales on the way (my type of friend lol) and locked her keys in her car at one! We waited for her hubby to come and it seemed like no time at all. Amazing how grief can unite people. And its a good thing she picked me up early- we weren't even late!

What an 'amazing' time. Each woman shared her story. There were tears. Some happened years ago, some more recent. Some were 'miscarriages' and others were born and died shortly after birth due to this or that, but each was a BABY. One lady gave her child up for adoption over 20 years ago and is grieving in her own way. There were 7 women there and between us we have 12 babies in heaven. Two women lost twins. Just so very sad. It was so nice to talk to people and have them sitting there shaking their heads in complete understanding. It was awesome to see the faith, to hear how God will get us through. Of course I know that, but lately I haven't really cared about that. It's not like I would ever turn my back on God, I NEVER would and I see His Hand everywhere through this pain, but sometimes I just don't want to 'give it to Him'. Sometimes I don't want to see His Hand. Sometimes I don't want His comfort. I just want to question, to sit in my grief and not seek His comfort. Does that make sense?

It was also very sweet....there were these beautiful flowers on the table and apparently they were for me. How SWEET!!! Thank you, T!

I feel like I can't even fully describe the meeting to you. It is amazing there is something like this- a faith based ministry for women grieving their babies.

Ok, my mind is blank now. It's been a crazy morning (for another post) and I need to get my kiddos lunch.

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Kim said...

This is wonderful you found a great group that you can relate too. ANd its so wonderful you met a new friend