Monday, June 28, 2010

Some LIGHT in this storm!

  • I heard from the funeral home in MI today. The people in MS got our paperwork to move Malachi and they'll do that tomorrow!! Wow! I was hoping it wouldn't take long! We thought it may costs thousands of dollars and were prepared to just dish it out. Well, they're going to mail him from MS to MI and with the shipping and the prep that the MS funeral home has to do it will only cost $150!!! Praise the Lord!!!
  • In THREE days Zach sews on his stripe for Master Sergeant! Many people retire as Tech Sergeants and here he is, 11 1/2 years in the Air Force and a Master! I can't tell you how proud of him I am! He's worked so hard and that hard work is paying off! Again, God is good!
  • Another bonus to that is a pay raise :) We were just talking the other day about how certain jobs make so much money (like selling a house) and yet our soldiers & US military make diddly- so little that we qualify for WIC! Crazy! But we're so thankful for every bit we get, we're thankful for the awesome health coverage (so far) and the job stability!
  • I had a good morning out with friends. We took our kids to the splash park and then ate lunch at Ihop (after all, kids eat free on Mondays)! Us three moms walked in with our 9 kids and the guy asked if we're a daycare! It was too funny! I wanted to pipe in that we were actually missing quite a few with Hannah gone, my three heavenly babies and my friend's heavenly one! Plus there was one in a womb!
  • It seems that maybe now we're going to turn a new leaf and have some good workers at Zach's job. More details on that to come another day...


Kim said...

Wow that is amazing that that's all it will cost to move him. Congrats to Zach. Thats too funny that he thought u were a day care. That is alot of kids.

Sherry said...

I'm glad that your babies will finally be at rest where you want them to be!

Congrats to Zach ~ I should probably know this, but I don't ~ what exactly does Zach do at work? I'm thinking that he is some sort of teacher but not sure.

Oh, we got to see Hannah and your mom today! Hannah is so tall ~ I am LESS than a head taller than she is, and she's only 10! By next year she'll probably pass me up, lol. Was nice to visit and the kids had fun. Wish you lived closer but we are thankful to see you guys when we can:)

Amie said...

Yay for some good news!

DDK23 said...

Great news! So happy your babies will be where you want them to be. I pray that things continue to look up. I know it's not the "end" but it's nice to have some refreshment.